5pcs/set Artificial Bait False 8 Joints Fish Shape Lifelike Soft Lure Fishing Accessories With Barbed Fishhooks


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1.Printed with vivid color, this artificial fish shape bait can confuse the fish and lure them easier

2.This artificial fish pattern fishing bait comes with the 3D eyes, multi joints and lifelike body, making it more like a real fish and can confuse the fish better

3.Made of high carbon steel and PVC plastic, the fish bait could serve you for a long time

4.Artificial lure can be reused for a long time, which can save your time and cash to find the lure again and again

5.Swimming in the water, this “fish” is like a small fish that just loses its way and cannot find the fish group. Once you use the tips, it seems to be in a panic facing the big fish alone, which can better attract the big fish who like eating the smaller fish

6.The 8-joint body brings a very flexible swimming posture and larger swing range, so it is easier to be chased and bitten by predators

7.The single fishhook on the dorsal fin works well with the treble fishhook on its belly to increase the possibility of catching the fish, which makes it a very practical soft lure

8.It comes with 5 pieces of fishing lures and a plastic box


Position:Lake,River,Reservoir Pond,Stream


Material:High carbon steel,PVC plastic




Color:5 Colors

Packaged:Plastic Box


Sports Type:Fishing

Fishing Type:Freshwater Fishing

Packaged include:

5 x fishing lures

1 x plastic box


Due to the screen difference, the color might be a little different from what you expect, please allow it


Additional information




Ocean Rock Fishing



Model Number

5pcs fishing lures


Artificial Bait


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